The safe choice

For more than 15 years. "Cartalanga" has imported and exported used machinery for rotogravure printing. Before being supplied, the rotatives are always accurately controlled and revisioned at the plant at Cherasco (Italy), by the "Cartalanga" specialist thecnicians. This result in their being as new and, as of the final test, they are covered by a twelve month guarantee.
The following names are regularly available: Cerutti, Albert, Andreotti, Schiavi, etc,,,, which possess the following technical features:

- print width of between 800 and 2800 mm
- between 4 and 10 print colours
- for printing on paper, PVC, plastic laminates, etc...
- other features may be added upon customer demand.

The complete service

"Cartalanga" doesn't stop at the sale and purchase of used printing machines. With its vast specific experience, its equipment and its technicians, experts in this sector, "Cartalanga" offers:

- after-sales service and replacement parts for the machines supplied;
- revision and adjustments of all of the machines in existence troughout the word, based upon the specific needs of the customer;
- research for used accessories for printing machines, to meet the needs of the costumer.

Naturally, as for the complete rotatives, all of the services and accessories supplied, are covered by a twelve month guarantee, as of the test, making of "Cartalanga" a reliable partner.

Albert Frankenthal (AB TR 6).
Type: TR6B/240
Year huile: 1989
Max paper web width: 2.400 mm / 94.49''
Delivery time: approx 2nd quarter 2004


last update june 2006